Best Practices

1. One day- One plant display by PG students, Potted plants were maintained by students, List of trees were surveyed inside the campus, Herbarium was maintained, Making use of expertise of distinctive Alumni.
2. Dustbins are provided to collect the glass waste material, acid waste material, base waste material, solid chemical waste material separately
3. A Periodic mentoring system is followed by the institute.
4. Our faculty are motivating the research culture among the Post graduate students. They are encouraged to attend and present papers in various seminars/conferences.
5. Counselling and guidance are given to students on their personnel issues.
6. Everyday in the classroom, one student should read the news loudly in front of others and record the same in the notebook to understand and express the social problems in their own words for improving the language skills.
7. Everyday one student in each class should explain a concept in Statistics to imbibe the skills of understanding concepts which ensure the survival and development of mankind.
8. Everyday one student in each class should write a proverb on the blackboard to incorporate the moral and ethical values in the minds of the students.
9. Every week in each class the student collects and records at least 10 GK questions with answers for improving their General Knowledge to face the competitive examination.
10. Students are instructed to present a seminar in a topic related with the subject to improve the presentation skills, verbal skills, blackboard using skills of the students and to make them ready for their job.
11. One day one plant – display, Growing potted plants, Herbarium maintenance, Making use of expertise of distinctive alumni to deliver lectures, Database of Campus trees.
12. Daily Morning Prayer with thought for the day.
13. Received Pronunciation (RP) through Audio Honing Skills (LSRW).
14. Yoga Practices.
15. As the majority of students are from rural backgrounds, basic computer knowledge has been made compulsory. It is mandatory for all first year students.
16. Gender equity is maintained while assigning regular and special duties among the students.
17. Bio-data formats were prepared with maximum number of students information included.
18. In each department, students are nominated for students association responsibilities.
19. Sharing subject knowledge and general knowledge through Whatsapp groups.
20. E-governance is practiced in all departments for all academic and non-academic activities.,
21. Maintenance of old trees.
22. Physically challenged and visually challenged students studying in this college are motivated.
23. Students are encouraged to buy Newspapers on a subsidiary rate for increasing their vocabulary and speaking skill.
24. The students are encouraged to wear traditional clothes during the festival celebrations.
25. Outsiders are prohibited from entering our college camps through barriguard for security purposes.