• Each department is having a library of its own with Textbooks, Reference books and Periodicals.
  • Apart from the Departmental libraries, there is a Central library having Textbooks, reference books, Encyclopedias and periodicals. English and Tamil dailies, Journals and weekly / Monthly magazines are available in the reading section.
  • Total number of volumes in the college library including those in the departmental libraries is approximately 70,000.
  • The college is receiving grants from the UGC, and from the Government of TamilNadu for the purchase of books and periodicals.

Books/journals added in 2015-16

  1. No. of  Books – 1180  Amount spent- Rs. 2,67,000/-
  2. No. of Journals – 13  Amount Spent  – Rs.32,750/-

Journals / Magazines


  • Dialogue
  • ELTAI journal of English Language Teaching
  • TANCHE’s Journal of Humanities and Social Science


  • Bulletin of Material Science
  • Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy
  • Pramane – Journal of Physics
  • Resonaace – Journal of Science Educational


  • Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec-A
  • Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec-B
  • Current Science


  • Current Science
  • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Indian Journal of Biotechnology


Mr. S. Louis

Advisory Committee

  1. Dr. T. Gangadharan, Associate Professor of English
  2. Mr. J.Partheban, Assistant Professor of English
  3. Mr. .Madheswaran, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  4. Dr. R. Vikram Prasad, Assistant Professor of Mathematics