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MATHS Algebra and Trigonometry Basic algebraDifferential EquationsNMEC-Cooperation Quantitative aptitudeComplex analysis-IModern Algebra-IDiscrete Mathematics Ordinary Differential EquationsAbstract AlgebraCalculus of VariationMechanics Graph theoryMeasure TheoryMatlab TheoryGeneral Topology I UG Foundation English (Essays)I UG Foundation English(Dynamic Expressions)I UG Foundation English(CLIL)I UG-Allied-PhysicsI UG(T/M) allied physics I UG(E/M) allied physicsII UG Allied StatisticsII UG Foundation English (Composition)
STATISTICS Descriptive Statistics Distribution TheoryO.R-Linear Programming and its Applications DemographyTheory of EstimationEconometricsStochastic ProcessTheory of EstimationRegression AnalysisStatistical Quality Control Sampling TechniquesReal, complex analysis and linear algebraDistribution theory Statistical Estimation theoryStochastic process in Demography and Actuarial StatisticsSPSS and R Language II UG Foundation English (text-essays)II UG Foundation English(Composition)
PHYSICS NMEC-Cooperation Condensed Matter
CHEMISTRY MAJOR – IIINMEC-Cooperation Organic Chemistry-III II UG-allied–physicsI & II UG Allied Chemistry
BOTANY Plant physiology II UG Botany Foundation English II UG Botany Foundation English (Composition)
ZOOLOGY Invertebrate Cell BiologyAquaculture methodsNon Major Elective Developmental BiologyAnimal Physiology Cell and Molecular Biology GeneticsResearch Methodology and BiostatisticsDevelopmental Biology II Zoo foundation English (text-essays) II Zoo Foundation English(Composition)
GEOLOGY Igneous Petrology Igneous-Petrology II UG Allied PhysicsII UG Foundation English(Prose)II UG Foundation English(Composition)II UG Foundation English(CLIL)
GEOGRAPHY GeomorphologySBEC-Geography for Competative Examinations-INMEC-Geography for Competative Examinations-I Geography of AsiaGreen RevolutionHistorical-GeographyHuman GeographyOceanographyTamilnadu Rivers Geographical ThoughtResearch MethodologyRemote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Geography I UG – Allied Applied StatisticsII UG Foundation English(Prose)II UG Foundation English(Composition)II UG Foundation English(CLIL)
COMPUTER SCIENCE Principles of Digital Computer Data Structures Non Major Elective web designing Operating SystemVisual BasicWeb ProgrammingPython Discrete Structures — Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDistributed Operating SystemsAdvanced Computer ArchitecturePrinciples of Information Security Data ScienceWeb Application DevelopmentProfessional EthicsMobile CommunicationsInternet of Things — General Studies II CS Foundation English(Prose)II CS Foundation English-PoetryII CS Foundation English(Composition)II CS Foundation English (CLIL)II UG Allied Statistics
COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Foundation of Computers Computer ArchitectureData StructuresNMEC-Cooperation Multimedia SystemsComputer NetworksProgramming with Java II YEAR Data Science using R and PythonGeneral StudiesProfessional Ethics III YEAR Mobile ComputingAdvanced Java ProgrammingOpen Source TechnologiesSoftware Documentation II UG Allied Statistics

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